Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monica + John | E-Session 01.10.2009

Monica and John's relationship is a perfect story of friendship and love. Monica had always considered John as one of her good friends that she had always been comfortable with. They went to the same Bible Study group at church. But to Monica's surprise - one day John expressed his interest toward her. In spite of her surprise, she agreed to start a relationship with him. From that point on, the rest is just history. They are getting married this coming March and I'm so thrilled when Monica asked me to be their wedding-day photographer :) I'm so honored!

Another thing I have to mention, Monica is a dear friend of mine who I met at church a few years back. We had been through lifes as singles together and now we have the chance of planning weddings together. I just can't be more excited for her and John :)

Monica, I cherish your friendship a lot and I'm glad that we got to have double dates together with John and Joe. I can't wait to take your wedding photos! Much love to you guys! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sarah + Daniel | Wedding 12.20.08

Sarah and Daniel's wedding in Montage Laguna Beach was exquisite. Beautiful place, blue sky and an amazing spread of details - these combinations really made me happy that day. But nothing happier to me than to capture the emotion of the happy couple. Sarah and Daniel's love to each other is so refined, so strong. It perseveres under different circumstances life offers. To witness the love they share - brings me respect and special adoration to this couple.

Sarah and Daniel - my warmest congratulations and you guys such a beautiful couple. I was glad to capture your love behind my camera on your wedding day. May God bless your new path together and many many happiness!

Now down to the photos :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'm wishing a happy new year 2009 to all of us. Hoping for a joyful and glorious new year ahead! I want to thank all of you my faithful blog-readers and blog-stalkers around the globe for visiting my blog. I'm humbled, truly - that you're stopping by and checking out my works :)

Personally I think it'll be an exciting year ahead for me - the fact that it will be my turn to walk down the aisle myself in a couple months from now. I can't wait to be married to Joe and now I know how you brides feel with planning and all the wedding preps ;) Wish me the best to persevere to the end of this wedding planning - I keep on telling myself that I will survive! ;)

Anyways, again - HAPPY NEW YEAR! God bless!