Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christen: Maternity

Joe and I travelled to the East Coast a couple weeks ago for some work stuff and for a little getaway together. Since I previously lived in Maryland, I was so excited to be able to go back and see some good old friends again.

Christen and Isaac are my dear friends who live in Germantown, Maryland. In fact, I was one of their bridesmaids on their wedding day. Christen has told me a few months earlier that she was expecting their first child and I was just so happy and rejoicing with them. Initially, they never wanted to have a child of their own. Long story short, God's grace changed their hearts and perspective - they are now eagerly anticipating their baby boy in September.


Coincidently, our East Coast trip was the same weekend as their baby's shower. That same day, we have agreed to take a few maternity shots and I'm happy to be able to do this for them. Celebrating a blossoming new life and God's blessings over this couple.




She definitely has that pregnancy glow...




All the best Christen and Isaac - I can't wait to meet/see Baby Jayden though only through photos! Love you guys!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Natalie + Lincoln = Simon

After emailing each other back and forth, I finally had the chance to meet Natalie and her son for a photo session at a park nearby. She told me that both of them are "camera happy" people - really, that's all I need to hear for a great photo session ;)


And sure enough, once I met little Simon - he proved himself as a sweet, adorable little boy who's not afraid of the camera! I was very happy to 'shoot' him.

So sweet to see this mom-son relationship! :)

I asked Simon to smile - and he gave me a BIG silly smile! Cute!

Lincoln - Simon's dad/Natalie's husband was also present when we took the photos but he was just being a supporter almost the entire time. I asked him to join for a few quick family shots and he agreed.

Beautiful family. I love these next three photos!



Then I took a couple head shots of the pretty mom as well :)


Thank you again Natalie, Lincoln and Simon - it was very nice to meet you guys. I enjoyed the photo session and allowing me to capture your happiness with my camera :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christina Garcia

Christina and I have never met before prior to this photo session. We've only communicated through email-exchange for a couple time and we agreed to meet for photos.

When I was getting my camera ready to photograph her, she told me that she has only done this a couple times. Then the second I started clicking my camera, I know that she's a natural. It doesn't hurt the fact that she's also a pretty woman.



Christina is young, fresh, friendly and has a beautiful smile. She is a junior at Colorado State University. She aspires about pursuing medical school in the future. In the meantime, she is also desiring to pursue modeling as she has done a little bit of it in the past. And I seriously think that she has a great potential before a camera :)







What a natural beauty...






All the best for you and your future Christina! I do hope that you will achieve whatever you are dreaming of. Thank you for allowing me to take your photos and being such a great sport throughout!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Green Life Update - Early Season

You might remember my post about gardening about a couple months ago. Well, our garden has been growing beautifully and started paying us back ;) Joe and I are very proud of the progress of our garden and we've been harvesting lots of different veggies lately. Even my lovely sunflowers are showing buds already and I'm more than excited to see they bloom!! I sure will post some photos of them when they come out.

We call this garden "our baby project" and I just wanted to show off a couple of our babies to y'all ;)

These are our yellow/golden green beans... looking good aren't they?


Peas - so plumpy, fresh and sweet.


Mustard leaves. We'd eat the leaves. There are some flower seeds on top of the plant and those seeds are the kinda seeds you make mustard sauce from.


Lastly... a lovely ladybug shot to end this post. We have several of these ladies hanging out on my growing sunflowers plant. Adorable!


Friday, July 10, 2009


Having to live in Colorado, I'm exposed to nature almost to the fullest. The mountains, the rivers, the greenery's, the creeks. Our garden. Summer time has been swell around here (except for the occasional super windy days that feels like blowing my car away while i was driving in the freeway ;) All in all, I'm so blessed to be here and enjoying all these beautiful creations!

One day when Joe went doing his fave thing (a.k.a. fishing) - I was in a field right by this beautiful small lake and I can't help it to notice there were tiny flowers around. And what a girl to do other than pulling out her camera and start shooting? So I obliged.

Thought I'd share these here.








**if you're interested to get high resolution files of any of these - I'd give them away freely if you drop me an email at They make great desktop background! Or if you want a print, we can talk as well. Or if you just want to talk to me and send me an email - it'll be awesome too ;)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

BBQ. Red, blue and white. Fireworks. Democracy. Independence Day. The United States of America. Have a great 4th of July!

Freedom's natal day is here.
Fire the guns and shout for freedom,
See the flag above unfurled!
Hail the stars and stripes forever,
Dearest flag in all the world.
~Florence A. Jones

Happy 4th of July! (2007)