Friday, November 6, 2009

Annalesa + Jeremy | Engaged!

I first met Annalesa sometime last year when she started attending the church I went to in Sun Valley, Southern California. We rarely saw each other again after that but we exchanged our photo blogs since she's also a photographer. Then we got reconnected at some points and she told me that she had moved from California to Colorado as well to be with her boyfriend who's in the military.

We exchanged mails after emails...led to the news that she had gotten engaged to Jeremy! I couldn't be happier for her and the cool thing about it, she asked me to photograph their engagement session. I was honored and excited for it. They picked the Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs as this was also the place where they ended getting married at on October 19th.

Anna and Jeremy first met in Full Sail University, Florida a few years back. But nothing outside friendship happened. They finally reconnected again through Facebook and then their relationship blossomed.

Congratulations again, Anna and Jeremy for your marriage! As you'll be moving and traveling to different places after this week, I hope for safe trips for the both of you. May love, joy and God's blessings and guidance be upon you guys as you live your life's together. Also - thank you Jeremy for your service and dedication to this country!