Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chi-En + Bruce | Wedding 02.14.2009

A destination wedding: Chi-En and Bruce's Wedding took place on Valentine's day in South San Francisco these past few weeks. Though the weather was rather chilly and rainy that whole weekend - Chi-En and Bruce special day was filled with the warmth of family and friends' love around both of them. And of course, it was so festive and fun, especially for the kids that attend the wedding! Bruce is a Sunday School teacher at their church and it was clear to see the couple's love for the kids. It was neat.

BC Wedding-7

BC Wedding-2

BC Wedding-1

BC Wedding-8

BC Wedding-6

BC Wedding-17

The bride is leaving her house and ready to get married...with her tennis shoes on! ;)
BC Wedding-14

Aside from all that - Bruce and Chi-En love each other, it was so obvious to see. What a sweet couple. And I was privileged to see just a glimpse of their love to each other that day.

Bruce "prepared" Chi-En breakfast that morning :)
BC Wedding-25

BC Wedding-5

BC Wedding-15

BC Wedding-16

BC Wedding-21

The guys posing GQish-ly...
BC Wedding-9

Now with the ladies...
BC Wedding-20

A cute flower girl posing for my camera :)
BC Wedding-4

At the church:
BC Wedding-18

BC Wedding-13

Married! :D
BC Wedding-11

Onto the wedding reception... I found this set-up table provided for the kids to color...
BC Wedding-22

The first dance...
BC Wedding-19

BC Wedding-10

Thank you for having me Bruce and Chi En - wish you a lifetime of happiness. I also want to mention my gratefulness to Jacob Galleries for the opportunity given to me as a second shooter.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reny + Noval | Wedding 01.31.2009

Reny and Noval's wedding day was a fun celebration - lots of laugh... family and good friends were all surrounding them and sharing their happiness on their special day. Even nature seems to be celebrating with them that day - the sky was bluest and the spring-like weather was perfect to accompany the happy couple.

Cheers to the bride and groom and may you, Reny and Noval - both find many happiness together as a married couple! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special day.

Special thanks to Devianna to come along with me - it was a pleasure having you!

RN Wedding-5

RN Wedding-1

The bride's prep...
RN Wedding-2

RN Wedding-8

RN Wedding-7

Posing in the limo, ready to tie the knot at the church! :)
RN Wedding-9

Here comes the bride....
RN Wedding-10

RN Wedding-11

RN Wedding-12

RN Wedding-17

Married! :)
RN Wedding-14

RN Wedding-32

RN Wedding-15

RN Wedding-3

A few flower details taken at the reception's site at Coco Palm in Pomona...
RN Wedding-30

RN Wedding-31

RN Wedding-24

RN Wedding-4

The bride's sister presented their wedding song, Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.. very nice!
RN Wedding-21

RN Wedding-22

RN Wedding-25

RN Wedding-19

RN Wedding-29

The couple's solitary moments captured right after the reception...
RN Wedding-6

RN Wedding-26

RN Wedding-28

RN Wedding-27