Monday, March 22, 2010

A Sweet First Year

About this late that night, a year ago - I couldn't sleep. I was feeling nervous, very happy and excited... so excited - it was so tough to rest my brain and make myself asleep. In a few hours, I was going to put on that beautiful lacey, off-white dress I had been wanted to wear. And just to think about the man I was going to start a new journey with, made my heart melt. On top of all these frenzies, I was a little anxious hoping and praying that everything we've (read: I've) planned for the last few months would go smoothly!

...And it did. Joe and I were married last year on March 22nd at around noon - it was a beautiful and a very, very good day for both of us :) We were so in love, happy and excited being married to each other.

Fast forward, here we are... It's just so hard to believe that it has been a year. One whole year of married life! I can't say that everything was all roses, wines and chocolates but I'm so blessed to be married to Joe - to love and be loved by him and couldn't ask for a better husband. Happy 1st Anniversary, My Love! I'm looking forward to many more....


{a little photo collage from our wedding day I made for our thank you card to our guests last year}