Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Anticipation of My Bestest Christmas Gift Ever...

A couple days ago, Joe and I picked and cut our first real Christmas tree at a nearby farm. After a couple of hours of setting it up, decorating it with lights and ornaments - at the end, I was quite pleased by my decorating taste and skills! ;) I mean, take a look at the photo below...not too bad for a first-timer, right? :)


On another note, I'm now 40 weeks 5 days preggo (round and heavy I tell ya) and apparently my baby must've thought that mommy's belly is the best place to be... it's warm, cozy and there is more than enough food around - who would want to leave!?? Well, if my sweet little baby (who perhaps is not so little anymore by now) doesn't come out one of these days - I'm scheduled to be induced by Friday the 17th. So, prayers are much appreciated and the anticipation mixed with excitement and anxiety is running high. I'm so looking forward to see and touch those little fingers and toes and hold that little being in my arms! :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Update: Home Stretch!

Well here we go, People... I'm about 38 weeks 4 days preggo and baby is officially only 10 more days away from being born. Although, I really prefer to be in labor sooner than that. I mean I'm just...what shall I say - very round and uncomfortable by this time. And most importantly, SO looking forward to meeting our little darling!

I went in for my last scan yesterday and looks like my little precious is gonna be quite a chunker! (eeks!) Estimated weight is about 7.5 lbs now and since I still have about more than a week to go - the ultrasound tech said that I might end up getting a 8 pounder. Oh my...I was hoping for a 6 lbs baby but as long as the baby is healthy, ya know!? :) Just say prayers for me, will you? :)

Here's an image from the ultrasound yesterday... not the best photo but hey, once baby arrives - I'll make it up to y'all! ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Photo Session {Loveland Mountain Park, CO}

I love kids and beside photographing weddings, taking pictures of little kids makes me happy. This year I got a chance to photograph one of my client's family again - Taryn emailed me a few months ago and we planned a family photo session around this time of year. Taryn and Brad have such cute, expressive kids - I can go on photographing them hours and hours! And their nice, colorful, coordinated outfits....the credit has to go to mom, of course! ;)

Thanks Taryn and Brad for another opportunity this year to photograph your beautiful family - hope you enjoy these photos. Talk to you soon! :)

Let's start it off with a formal family photo...everybody's smiling... good!

Ryan, the baby of the family...last time I photographed him, he wasn't even walking. He's walking and running everywhere now :) It's kinda cool to see them "grow" in front of my camera.

Sweet Brooke...


The girls, Kara and Brooke were so good - I didn't even have to tell them how to pose!


What cute sisters!



Kara is very expressive with her poses.. amazed me how good and natural this girl is in front of my camera! :)



Another family shot at this beautiful location...


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Photo Session {Fort Collins, CO}

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do a family session for one of my in-laws family (Nick, Jessica and Glenna). Nick is Joe's oldest brother and the bigger/taller version of Joe. When Joe and I got married, a few of our guests had told me that they've almost mistaken Nick for Joe :) lol.

I was particularly excited to shoot in this early fall days. Fall foliage is just simply gorgeous and the air is just so cool and crisp. Love it! And of course, with objects like this good looking family - I was content! ;) Thanks Nick and Jessica - it was good hanging out with you guys again, I hope you all enjoy these!! ♥

Here are some of my faves from the shoot:


The colors, the light and how the river glistens in the background...ohh.. be still my heart!

The little darling girl...

Jessica mentioned that they never had any engagement photos of them taken so I did a few quick snaps of them two without Glenna.


How cute are they??.... VERY!


I brought this sucker along for Glenna to 'bribe' her for the photo shoot. I think she enjoyed it a little too much! ;)



...who doesn't love big, beautiful blue eyes!? she's such a cutie!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby-Bump Update!

Haven't had much personal update here on my blog... well here I am at 31 weeks along. One word: HUGE! Baby is growing and I can feel a lot of kicks and movements from the inside out these days. I can't believe it's only about 9 more weeks before I'll get to hold a tiny baby in my arms. So excited - can't wait til December! :)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Family Session {Lyons, CO}

A little while ago last month I photographed this beautiful family in Lyons, CO. Carol had told me that she wanted the photo session to be done at their house. What a wise decision that was - the surrounding views of where they live was very nice out there with the beautiful mountains in the background. And the lush Russian sage in front of their house! purple is one of my fave colors, so it worked and I totally loved it! ;)



The kiddos were playing in their backyard..

and they found these little, tiny froggies....


Can Ella be any sweeter? I absolutely loved these shots of her with the pink ranunculus! :)

And these mommy-daughter shots ...just melt my heart...*sigh



Thank you again Eric, Carol, Flynn and Ella for having me over and photograph your beautiful family! It was very nice to meet you all :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kelly + Travis {Sterling Wedding 09.11.2010)

Kelly was among the brides who hired me first last year to photograph her wedding this year. And it turned out that her wedding was the last wedding I photographed this year due to my growing belly ;) So the day that was finally here, I was looking forward to it.

Although according to the calendar, it should've been a closer date to Autumn but Travis and Kelly's special day was a sunny, hot day throughout - yet undoubtedly a beautiful wedding day. I just loved the warm fall colors they incorporated to their wedding day. Congrats again Travis and Kelly and best wishes, thank you for giving me the honor of photographing your special day! :)

TK wdhblg-28

TK wdhblg-3

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TK wdhblg-5

TK wdhblg-7

The church Travis and Kelly got married at was this old, vintage church located out in the prairie - it was just really neat!
TK wdhblg-6

TK wdhblg-8

TK wdhblg-9

TK wdhblg-10

I loved this 'give-away' moment by Kelly's dad :)
TK wdhblg-11

TK wdhblg-13

In the middle of the ceremony, Hailey the little flower girl decided to walk away from it! it was funny and really cute! I followed her and she ended up going up the stairs and found a good spot for herself :)
TK wdhblg-12

TK wdhblg-14

TK wdhblg-15

TK wdhblg-16

TK wdhblg-22

TK wdhblg-19

TK wdhblg-21

TK wdhblg-20

TK wdhblg-1

TK wdhblg-17

TK wdhblg-18

TK wdhblg-29

TK wdhblg-27

A super cute cake topper!
TK wdhblg-23

TK wdhblg-24

TK wdhblg-25

TK wdhblg-2.

TK wdhblg-26