Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Month Later...

Oh goodness! Here is my long overdue post.

I am well and alive and do feel like I have just the right excuse in the world for not posting earlier. I mean, between changing diapers to catching sleep to cuddling with my newborn - it can be tough to keep up with the internet these days! ;) so here's a couple photos of my sweet Laurene to make up for it...she turned a month *new* recently :) at birth, she was an 8 lbs 9 ounces healthy baby! No wonder I felt so heavy at the end of my pregnancy! Although she has lost weight afterwards (common for newborns) - she has been catching up to her initial weight nowadays and look just as healthy. Joe and I are sooo in love with her - she's definitely a joy and precious gift from God to us!


Anyways, I hope to post more pics of her in the future so stay connected! :) Have a good day and enjoy the coming weekend!