Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Update: Home Stretch!

Well here we go, People... I'm about 38 weeks 4 days preggo and baby is officially only 10 more days away from being born. Although, I really prefer to be in labor sooner than that. I mean I'm just...what shall I say - very round and uncomfortable by this time. And most importantly, SO looking forward to meeting our little darling!

I went in for my last scan yesterday and looks like my little precious is gonna be quite a chunker! (eeks!) Estimated weight is about 7.5 lbs now and since I still have about more than a week to go - the ultrasound tech said that I might end up getting a 8 pounder. Oh my...I was hoping for a 6 lbs baby but as long as the baby is healthy, ya know!? :) Just say prayers for me, will you? :)

Here's an image from the ultrasound yesterday... not the best photo but hey, once baby arrives - I'll make it up to y'all! ;)