Monday, January 25, 2010

The Frascos {Fort Collins Family Session}

I recently did a quick photo session for The Frasco family during one of the snowy days here in Northern CO. They are one of the first few people I knew before actually moved out to this State - love this family, so kind, loving and friendly! They even let me stay at their house when I came to visit Joe from California one time.

Ron is a pastor of the church Joe and I have been attending/members of. He is truly a man of God and I always appreciate his teaching from the pulpit. Barbara is a cute, joyful and down-to-earth lady that I just love talking to. Her high-spirit is so encouraging! :) They have two growing kids - T.J. and Emily to complete the beautiful family.

**Hi Frascos, glad that you are in our life! Thanks for letting me take your pictures and thanks for snapping a few photos of Joe and I too :) We love you!

Now, onto the images:




Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Change of Heart

Today is one of those days that didn't go too well for me. I was driving on my way to the local library and in the verge of throwing a pity party for myself and also for not feeling too well for the last couple of days. I was cranky, moody and having a bad hair day. Ugh.

Then I turned on my radio and stumbled upon a conversation between a radio presenter and this one guy who's volunteering for Haiti. I wasn't sure what organization he's with but he reported the current situation in the area after the disaster that happened late yesterday. I was stunned, I mean I kinda heard about it from the news but I honestly haven't paid much attention to it. It was surely a wake-up call for me and a good reminder that my struggle today doesn't compare to what these people are going through. Not even a bit.

Once I arrived at home, I was researching more about Haiti and the devastation the earthquake caused. As we know that natural disasters could've happened to anybody, anywhere. It's easy to just feel sorry for these people but we don't really do anything to help. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to help in tangible ways. One of the easiest ways is through donations. Non-profit organizations like America Redcross is setting up an easy $10 donation by texting ‘Haiti’ to 90999. You can find out more by going to Also, The Children Hunger's Fund is setting up donation - a simple gift of $24 will provide Food Paks and other aid for a family in need. Please go to: for more info. Lastly, but not the least - please pray for these people. I believe in the power of prayers and the generosity of others.

All of the sudden, my day seems to be going a lot better and am counting my blessings today...