Friday, November 28, 2008


The night gets darker but before I lay my head to sleep - I want to take time to be grateful.

I'm thankful for church, friends, family, a job. Also, being able to pick up my camera and shoot more - brings joy in my heart.

And, most importantly, I'm grateful for Joe, my fiance and future husband. Hunny, I eternally grateful to God for bringing someone like you in my life. You set the coast clear from the beginning and told me that you were looking for a wife. And from that point onward - there were no games, no guessing with you. Your clear commitment to me and God captured my heart. You see, the moment you walked in to my life, my life was changed. I'm happiest with you and looking forward to our future together. I love you.

Photocredit by: Tracy Jeon

Hope you all have a great thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trisha + Ricky | Wedding 11.08.08

I had the honor of photographing Trisha and Ricky's wedding early this month with my friend Jacob.

Trisha must be one of the most talented brides I've ever met. She's petite and gorgeous - did her own make up (beautifully, I might add), sang fantastically (her vow to Ricky - at the ceremony) and danced with a style (at the reception)! Not to mention that her occupation is a profession that I know I probably can't do as a girl :) Such a well-rounded girl.


And the groom himself - from the testimonies I heard all day from his friends and family, is nothing short of amazing as well. A great guy overall. But most importantly - Ricky's tender love to his bride is just obvious. What a lovely couple.

Some say that when two people marry, their families are also marrying each other. In Trisha and Ricky's case - their family are marrying each other very well. There are much love and respects toward one another. What a great testimony.

Onto the rest of the photos:

Decorations at Trisha's parents house - I think it's cute!


The cute flower girl (Trisha's niece) has such pretty eyes.



The beautiful bride!



This church in Pasadena has an amazing architecture...

First kiss! :)

After the ceremony - we had some free time before the reception starts, so we're out and about capturing pictures of the happy couple...





A few details at their Reception site, Alamansor Court.


The father-daughter dance was a very emotional one for both Trisha and her dad... so sweet to see their close relationship.


Trisha and Ricky - thank you for allowing me there to capture different moments on your special day - each is beautiful and heart-warming. May God bless your new journey together and hope you guys enjoyed the honeymoon! :)