Thursday, July 31, 2008

Caroline | Fashion Photos

A few weeks ago I had a chance to play around and learn a bit more about studio photography at OTIS in Los Angeles with Jacob and his classmate Gilbert. It was an interesting learning experience as I found out that studio photography can be a little complicated to set up with all the big equipments - strobes and lights and whatnot. Well, I'm just a newbie, really.

However, I had a very nice time and glad for the opportunity to shoot this beautiful model Caroline. She was nice and easy to work with. It was her first time modeling and I think she did a very good job! Her make-up was done by the young and talented Yuri - Jacob's make-up artist.

A few pictures I took:

Natural look



Glamour look


Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Summertime

Summertime. Hmm. Where do I begin?...I'm not one who is too crazy about the bountiful beam of the sun lights or the scorching summer heat. I would normally prefer the early spring or fall - the crisp thin air and the beauty in the colorful buds and foliage in the season. Ahhh....!! These are my kind of seasons!

Though I might need a little space expressing myself about summertime - I can't deny that the season does has its own perks. Things that I thoroughly enjoy about summer (at least this season):

1. Summer type food!
Bbq stuff - Juicy steak or sausage, anyone?

Fruit/Salad - imagine light, refreshing veggies to counterbalance the heat...

Corn. Mmmm.... I absolutely LOVE corn on the cob! Especially the grilled ones. Add butter to it. Yum!!

2. Nature - enough said!
The mountains

The rivers

The woods - the aspen trees

The dandellions

3. Fishing! :)

Here's a brook trout. Pretty color, huh?...

4. My fave summer companion! ;)
" And its you and me in the summertime
We’ll be hand in hand down in the park
With a squeeze and a sigh and that twinkle in your eye


And all the sunshine banishes the dark
And its you I need in the summertime..." -"Summer Time" by Sundays


5. Last but not the least...flip-flops! :) love 'em! :)

So yeah, I'm thankful for Summer. Or Spring. Or Fall. Or Winter. For there are beauty in each of them. As Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven..."

Hope you are having a great rest of summer! (at least you folks that are in the US or anywhere else in the world that might experience summer almost all-year-long) :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Louisa + John | Rehearsal Dinner 05.28.08

My friend Jacob invited me along to shoot rehearsal dinner event of Louisa and John last Saturday. He assisted Beth of Beth Helmstetter Events (who did all the wonderful dinner setup) to photograph the details. The dinner took place right at the oceanfront balcony of Malibu Beach Inn. Oh so very pretty!

Great job on the amazing setup, Beth and it was a pleasure meeting you! :)