Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Melody + John | Engagement 04.13.08

Eventhough it was a scorching-summer-like-afternoon in Mid April when I had the opportunity to shoot Melody and John's e-session; I nonetheless enjoyed this couple a lot. Their kindred-spirit and warmth really added the goodness and fun in taking their engagement photos. And they such troopers too - they hiked, climbed up and down and got their wardrobes dirty! Of course all in good faith just to allow me and my work partner Jacob getting great photos of them.


They shared their brief and very decisive love story on our way to the photo sites, which I thought was impressive. I guess when you do meet that right person in your life, you just know it and things are just so obvious - you can't help but wanting to spend the rest of your life with that person. Sweetness! :)


Lovely Melody! Her name is just sooo perfectly representing her in a melodic way :) I mean this girl can SING! :) She sang us a few lyrics of her wedding-day songs to us on the way back home. Beautiful, simply beautiful. I'd want to be able to sing like her one day ;)

Seeing something like this makes me want to sing..."Someday when I'm awfully low, I'd feel the glow just thinking of you..." :)

This is probably my favorite shot of the day - such a sweet glare of light!



Melody and John - thank you for the good time. I had so much fun hanging out with you guys and being able to capture your love with my camera. Best wishes and much blessings for your journey together! :)



Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finding One of My Passions in Life

I consider myself blessed to be able to do this thing I love doing. It's like finally figuring out a piece of life-jigsaw-puzzles that kept you wondering for many years. Never would I imagined that doors of opportunity would be opened before me to pursue photography seriously and things came rather easily and so naturally to me. And I'm still amazed, overwhelmed and humbled for such privilege. Sure - I'm going to be honest that of course there are fears of insufficiency yet not without hope and commitments to make the best out of my portions now. No matter how big or small they are - I will do my best giving back what I have - gratefully, simply just because I have been blessed beyond measure.

Here's a few shots that a friend took of me taking pictures of my clients Matt and Christy at a recent e-session. Thank you Monica/Karina - I love these pics! And also thanks Matt, for forwarding me the pics :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Christy + Matt | Engagement 04.05.08

Christy and Matt are undoubtedly a pair of sweet couple and they are fun to take pictures of - I was really excited to take pictures of them last weekend for their engagement session. My camera sure likes them a lot! :) They are just so natural and expressive with each other and I was so happy to capture cute and sweet interactions between them that afternoon.

Christy is so bubbly and continuously jolly - everybody would feel comfy around her; so comfy you'd forget that you might've just met her for the first time (That was the case with me when I first met her at our church's retreat about six months ago through our mutual friend Monica.) And Matt - he's just a calm and kind-hearted gentleman. Most importantly, he loves Christy tenderly - it's just so obvious by the way he's looking at her. It was so unbearably sweet! I was constantly smiling even just looking at the pictures I took of them :)

Here they are at the beginning of the e-session: cute and collected yet ready for some camera actions ;)

Showing off their "bride and groom" hats...

Starting to look sweet...





I love this one.. so sweet, so tender!






Matt designed this beautiful white gold ring with an inset light blue sapphire to ask Christy's hand in marriage. Isn't it so cool?...


We went to this cafe nearby only to find scrabbles and chess-board inside. We were so stoked about it! Chess actually brought them together in their first interactions before they were couple. At that time, during the game they played together - Matt thought to himself that he could get to like Christy; what's not to like?! :) Great thought, Matt! :)



The beauty and the funny! :)




Well, Christy and Matt - it was a delight for me to capture sweet moments between both of you. It was so much fun!! You guys are great!! Much grace and blessings to both of you during this season of your life!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Venny: My Sassy Friend

I still vividly remember the day I first met this pretty face. We went long way back to our days in the East Coast. I was just this new girl in town who didn't know anybody and she graciously welcomed me in to her spacious apartment. We got to know each other through my good-ole-junior-high-friend Robert, who happened to be her cousin. And the rest was just history - as I roomed with her for four years afterward. We practically followed each other after that - either it was a move from one house to another or over-the-coasts move; our adventures and friendship just easily continue on.



I venture to say that we had lots and lots of shenanigans together and ninety-percent of that, I might add - would include FOOD! She's such a great partner in crime! ;) But she's not only just about that - for me, she's a true friend in deed. We've been through good and not-so-good and weird and funny moments together. And if you know her in person, her distinctive loud laugh would want to make you want to laugh along with her! :) It's just so contagious! :)



Oh just a little tidbit - she is going to marry her longtime boyfriend at the end of this year and I'm sharing in her joy that she found somebody better than me to be her lifetime roommate :) And of course, I wouldn't pass the opportunity to take pics of her engagement session a couple months down the road. Did I mention that she loves being in front of the camera? BIG time! It doesn't hurt to be so photogenic either, right Ven? ;)



Grateful for you Dear Friend! :) Thanks for being such a great friend! Xoxo.