Monday, March 31, 2008

Nikki + Jing | Wedding 03.15.08

[ I'm BACK! Alive and well. Whew! Life has been so full and I'm grateful. This is the first posting after WPPI - not bad for a two-weeks of blog-vacation, eh? ;) So much cool stuff happened during WPPI and post-WPPI. On a more photography-related note - I'm trying to pay my overdue post sooo here I am posting some wedding photos I shot the day before I left to Vegas :) Enjoy! ]

It was a rather chilly morning in Newport Beach, CA. But of course, that didn't stop Nikki and Jing getting ready for their big day and they did look sharp that morning! :) They were going to exchange their vows on the Athena cruise yacht - witnessed by their family and close friends. It was a heartfelt wedding celebration filled with fun and smiles and laughters. And ohh, I have to mention that I really like the refreshing color-pick of the flowers and decorations - very pretty! Good job Nikki! :) I totally had a real good time capturing their special day - thanks for having me Nikki and Jing!


This pair of shoes is so comfy! A definitely good choice for all-day-long-bridal-wear. How do I know, you ask? Well as a shoe-fanatic gal I must confess that I own a very similar pair of this shoes in black (with a pointier heel-style! ;) Smiles~




Eventhough Nikki told me that she was a bit nervous - she managed to just look lovely and collected.

Such a blushing bride :) Don't you agree with me?


Jing was all smiles watching his bride walking down the aisle. I thought that was really cute.









I like their emotion captured here - they're simply being happy together and with each other.





Congrats again Nikki and Jing - wish you happiness and many years of prosperity in your married life!

Friday, March 14, 2008

WPPI 2008 - Las Vegas, Nevada

This is what I'm looking at this coming week: Wedding and Potrait Photography International (WPPI) Conference in Las Vegas. It's going to be a full week for me--much knowledge to adsorb and I hope to network with other photographers as well. It is going to be FUN! I promise that I will post lots and lots of pics when I come back. I can't wait!!! :)

On a more practical note, I'll be shooting another wedding prior to my departure to Vegas with my work partner Jacob. So in closing - hope you guys have a great weekend and a great week ahead as well. See ya!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fine Art Photos

So I got a chance to experience some studio photo at this photo center I've been kinda attending since last summer. I crashed into this fine art class while waited for my photo print that morning. It was a bunch of fun!! I enjoyed myself so much!! Someone told me that I was lucky because that was the first time they ever had a male model this semester. Coolness!!! Man, I definitely will be going back there again this Summer just to take this class.

Here's a few of the pics I took:

Male Model - 3

Cool light blue eyes! Love them!
Male Model - 1

Male Model - 2

Male Model - 4